Life in Balance

On Sunday, February 19th, Galumpha will take the stage at the State Theatre in a performance that starts at 3 PM. Then, following the dance performance, Paul Geisler from the Ithaca College faculty will join the members of Galumpha to host an interactive workshop on the stage of the State Theatre. This workshop on athletic motion and balance will appeal to a very wide audience of dancers, athletes, and Pilates practitioners— among many others. Paul will bring anatomical models and can demonstrate the physiological phenomena behind what Galumpha has just performed while performers from the group provide live demonstrations. Audience participation in this interactive workshop is encouraged. “Come with loose clothes, an open mind, and an appetite for fun” are the explicit instructions from Galumpha. Balance, grace and motion will fill the afternoon.

Galumpha tickets can be purchased at the State Theatre box office or online. The workshop has a suggested donation of $5. If you are participating in Teacher’s Week – there is special pricing with your VIT pass. Thank you for supporting Light in Winter!