The Secrets of the Devil’s Box

The Secrets of the Devil’s Box will open with an exploration of the physics of how sound travels through air. Then, in an exploration of harmony and western music, Kathy Selby will explore the dynamics of stringed instruments from single string instruments then to the early viol to the modern violin. She will explain why the development of the modern violin so intrigued and possessed luthiers like the Stradivari family in Cremona Italy. Judy Hyman (fiddler with the popular group The HorseFlies, and a sought-after composer in her own right) will join Kathy in the second half of the program to explore how electronic amplification has changed the ways that we experience stringed instruments. Judy will demonstrate some of Eric Aceto‘s exotic amplified instruments. Finally, members of Stringfever will join Kathy and Judy onstage to explain why and how they developed the electrically amplified instruments that they will play later in the evening. Stringfever’s performance will start at the State Theatre at 8 PM.

Check out some sample videos of Stringfever.

Stringfever tickets can be purchased at the State Theatre box office or online. “The Secrets of a Devil’s Box” program has a suggested donation of $5. If you are participating in Teacher’s Week – there is special pricing with your VIT pass. Thank you for supporting Light in Winter!